Dylan, Saara, Winston, and Nick.

A.K.A. You Can Be A Wesley, Boston, MA, 2010

Saara, Nick, Winston, and Dylan, Emile B Klein, Oil on Linen, 2010, 48'x36', descriptionPortrait by Emile B. Klein, oil on linen, 36×48″


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Saara              Dylan             Winston              Nick_

Radio Production by Chris Hoff

The four bodies that comprise and compose under the musical moniker of You Can Be a Wesley could have come from an aural Utah altar. One could infer that three guys and one girl are in a perfect polygamelodious marriage but we’ll leave all that polygamy nonsense to their former governor in the great state of Massachusetts. They just live together in a big house in Boston married to their instruments.

Saara Untracht-Oakner is not a formulated female front. YCBaW’s dynamic is different. Saara shares as much of the stage as she does business relations, creative content, and composition with fellow members Nick Curran, Winston MacDonald, and Dylan Ramsey. While Winston will be making screenprints for the band’s next t-shirt, Curran can be heard curating a new tour with their manager over the phone. You might even hear Dylan in the background cultivating a new composition much in the same way as he did with shellfish in the Northwest. But these roles relegated between the four change as much as the seats in musical chairs. If only they were standing idle. Fresh off the heels of their junior release Nightosphere, they are running across our United States touring. While they use their feet to travel, put up yours and hear what each of them have to say, sing, and play.

Written by Graham Andrew Tucker. 

Graham is an editorial assistant at Vice Magazine. He enjoys nice long walks on the beach and people with a sense of humor. He breeds Pomeranians in his spare time. His personal work can be found at http://www.panjams.net

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