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  1. Mary Barlow says:

    Hi Emile,
    Good to hear from you. I am assuming you are in Florida (in the summer)!
    I am not sure what the status of the postcards is but none have arrived yet. This report will suffice if you are too busy to get them out. I THINK we signed up for them.
    When do you begin painting? Looks like you are having interesting adventures.
    Stay safe.
    Mary and Brian

  2. Paula says:

    Hi Emile,
    It was very nice to meet you yesterday. I was the person that met you in the lobby at Gold’s Gym during the snow storm. I twas nice speaking with you on the way to Princeton University. I will enjoy following your journey.
    Stay safe (and dry),

    • emilebklein says:

      Hey Paula, great to have met you! Thanks again for the ride. In the evening I walked back along Mercer and other roads to my bike, using the moonlight to guide the way and jumping into the snow any time a car passed by. It was an experience to be sure, and would not have been nearly as pleasant without you! I’ll be stopping into Princeton on the 6th or 7th, if you’re in Princeton I’d be pleased to buy you a coffee! Email the address listed in the contact section to schedule.- Emile

  3. Linda Langschied says:

    Hi, Emile. This note is to all of your followers: Emile was featured today in the Lawrenceville Patch – very nice story about his travels through New Jersey. Check for Tuesday, November 8, “Artist Stops in Lawrence While Biking Cross-Country,” by Jacquelyn Pillsbury.

    I’m glad that the weather has turned favorable for you and all NJ outdoors persons! Linda

  4. Rita Murray says:

    Hi Emile. I was reading your article in the Today’s Sunbeam on 11/29/11. I was very impressed with what you are doing for NJ and other states in the US. I guess I would really like to know if you are still in South Jersey, Salem County? I work at a place called Ranch Hope for Boys and Girls. It was established by Rev. David Bailey, Sr. in 1964. It has grown quite a bit. I thought as I read your article that you might be interested in doing a series of your work here. I grew up in Gloucester County. However after I married and had about 4 children there are 6 altogether, we moved to Salem County. I was familiar with Ranch Hope because my girlfriend was part of the Gloucester County Aux. She put on a fashion show and asked me to be in it. I found myself working here at the Ranch many years later. This is not about me, It is about the hard dedication of Rev.Bailey to help boys and girls who have problems all kinds of problems. I talked to Elaine Dunner who works for Rev. she asked me to drop you this email. I hope you would consider. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication for putting your Art work to great use. God Bless and Thank you again.

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