elfjgnw;enwYou’re U.S. is looking for writers interested in personifying the modern American character. Currently, notables such as Tony D’Souza, Dave Eggers, and Jeanne Darst have expressed interest. Quality is our prerequisite and we are equally pleased to work with newly found authors such as John Greenwood, a NY Dairy Trucker, and Nick Newman, a LA Line Cook.
————-     Our Writers are provided with raw interviews, Klein’s fact‐notes, and a variety of photo-documentation (the environment, portrait painting, lifestyle). The 250 – 500 word biographies provide a third hand view,  born out of the authors personal perspective and the facts provided.  Writers receive a stipend for each completed piece, as well as a bio‐spot, and a link to their personal work/site.

When applying, please include!
  • Letter of interest
  • 2-3 Sample pieces of writing which demonstrate your style and perspective
  • C.V. / Resume

Interested in writing with us? Apply today!
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