Letterpress Postcard

People have been asking about how we made our letterpress postcards,
we’d like to share our recipe…
1. Find a designer who cares for our ideas: Check! Enter…Aaron Scamihorn.


2. Compose a design perfect for postcards and the project..with a personal flare.
3. Have plates made by sweet people at Logos Graphics(SF). Cute dogs included.
4. Visit childhood graphic design teacher’s house to use her
Vandercook and get a lesson in letterpress with compadre Alexei Wajchman. Mix the blue & print.
5. Run the second plate with red, making sure to register each card,
adjusting ink, plate and paper every 3-10 cards.(whew!)
6. Cut the prints in a machine that could easily knock you out
and slice through the strongest bone.
7. Last! Bevel the four corners of each and every card by hand.
And that’s what Emile will write his tales on when sending you a personalized letter.
Five bucks, really? Reserve your piece of the story today.
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